CHANEL is an iconic name in the world of luxury. ‘Fashion passes, style remains’. This simple statement captures the essence of Gabrielle Chanel’s revolutionary contribution to culture.

Much like the elegant, iconic fashion she began designing almost a century ago; CHANEL fragrances and beauty essentials are exceptional and timeless. From the legendary fragrance N°5 to the most effortlessly wearable foundations, CHANEL continues to set the standard for luxury and elegance.

CHANEL fragrances, cosmetics and skincare are distributed in South Africa by an independent subsidiary of CAVI brands.


Gabrielle Chanel regarded fragrances as an integral part of a woman’s style. In 1921, collaborating with Ernest Beaux, she created N°5; a ‘woman’s perfume with the scent of a woman’. With its iconic, code-like name, it ushered perfumery into a new era. Fragrance was suddenly authorised to mix faux and fine, flowers and aldehydes.


Since its very beginning, the House of CHANEL has always been close to women, playing a part in shaping their lives. It knows women well, understands their needs, and anticipates their desires with the same visionary and distinctive spirit of Mademoiselle Chanel herself.


‘Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.’ In 1927, Gabrielle Chanel understood the value of women’s beauty. Anticipating and fulfilling the expectations of all women, CHANEL Skincare offers innovative, high performance and exceptional products.