The CAVI Leadership Programme

The CAVI Leadership program was designed for select middle management talent to be developed in Leadership. This program runs every second year and has been operating successfully since 2012.

Team members go through a gruelling selection process and 20 candidates per annum take part. The program covers 9 Leadership topics and 3 business projects. Participants work with team members from other companies and thus there is a cross pollination of learning and building relationships.

They have a 3 tier support structure consisting of; Mentors (normally the CEO’s), CLP alumni team (CLP graduates from previous years) and a dedicated Executive coach.

Team members get assessed in a 360 degree format throughout the year. A winner per company is selected at the end of the course and each winner gets an overseas trip. Previously this included Los Angela’s, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, London and Dubai.

This program has fast tracked team members careers amongst other things. We are extremely proud how this has propelled our learning organisational culture and empowered our teams in the process!

Have you got what it takes?

We are always looking to add only the best candidates to our talented team. If you think you could add value to our business, please visit our Careers page and submit your CV for consideration.


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