By CAVI Brands in CHANEL posted 20 October 2015


Since its creation in 1995, 20 years ago, Rouge Noir has claimed its place as a cult nail polish, season after season. But until now, it had never been endowed with its very own collection. For the Holiday 2015 makeup collection, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio gives Rouge Noir the seat of honor. The spirit of Rouge Noir meets that of the festive season, adding a mysterious aura to a hypnotizing collection. In a play of contrasts, soft pinks, saffron, lam. tones and precious golden tones highlight the iconic shade. Intense and delicate, the palette focuses on vibrant effects, from delicate powdery finishes to dazzling shine.


LE VERNIS Rouge Noir has naturally found its place in the history of CHANEL. In an article* about colour in fashion, the May 1926 issue of American Vogue emphasized Mademoiselle’s visionary preference for this intense and unconventional shade. “Black and white are joined by red, a garnet shade, like the heart of a black cherry, which CHANEL uses frequently and which is often called ‘red-black’.” The audacity, modernity and timelessness of CHANEL lie in this declaration of opposites, a typically feminine paradox.

1995: an icon is born. During the runway show for the Autumn/Winter 1994 Ready-to-Wear collection, an almost black nail polish with a hint of red was swept over the models’ nails in the busy backstage atmosphere and instantly caught all eyes. LE VERNIS Rouge Noir. An absolutely original shade, first called “Vamp” in the United States, created as an homage to the intense garnet colour that Mademoiselle favored. Brilliant and mysterious, it took a strong and audacious stance, between the fiery passion of red and the deep simplicity of black.

From that point on, LE VERNIS Rouge Noir met with incredible and immediate success. It was an unprecedented sensation. In 2015, LE VERNIS Rouge Noir celebrates its 20th anniversary. Still favored by women, its success has never wavered. The “it colour” No. 18 now has cult status. It is an inimitable legendary colour, an iconic CHANEL creation. More than a nail polish, Rouge Noir has claimed its place amongst the House icons, alongside quilting, tweed, beige and pearls.

Beyond colour, Rouge Noir is a style tool accessible to all women. Its aura modernizes a look and intensifies a presence. Neither classic nor gothic, neither rock nor chic, or rather all of these rolled into one, Rouge Noir shakes up codes, discreetly distilling its dark and languid beauty. It galvanizes all styles. Better yet, it injects them with a new power. Vogue U.S., May 15, 1926 (p. 92), article entitled “Seeing the mode in colour”.



The Signe Particulier EXCLUSIVE CREATION gets ready to party and takes up the spirit of the Rouge Noir nail polish. Dedicated to eyes, this palette of four eyeshadows offers a vibrant, soft, luminous and dark echo of the iconic colour. Revolving around a deep, luminous and matte rouge noir, a warm saffron gold lights up makeup, a velvety parma violet adds a touch of softness and a slightly rosy satiny beige delivers a dash of light. Each of these eyeshadows can be used on its own or in a duo for intense eyes or a blend of colours.

With its quilted surface, the Signe Particulier EXCLUSIVE CREATION also refers to the House icons. Each eyeshadow is stamped with a double C, like a seal.

Luminous sheen. Apply the satiny rosy beige under the brow bone to gently light up and illuminate the eyes.

Radiance booster. Apply the velvety parma violet to the eyelid to dress it in velvet or use as a highlighting touch under the brow bone or at the inner corner of the eye.

Electrifying Rouge Noir. Trace a curved line with this deep rouge noir in the crease at the outer corner of the eyelid, then blend inwards. To outline the eyes with an intense rouge noir, which is more subtle yet more audacious than black, accentuate the eye contour by tracing a line along the upper and lower lashes.

Smoldering gold. Apply the metallic saffron gold shadow as a touch of light under the brow bone, on the middle of the eyelid and at the inner corner of the eye for a wide-open eye effect and precious radiance.


JOUES CONTRASTE LUMI.RE 12 Coups de Minuit illuminates cheekbones with a halo of light. The soft and intangible texture of this peach beige highlighter catches the light and accentuates contours for a dazzling effect. The complexion is translucent and simply radiant.

Apply on its own in the morning for a fresh cheek effect and over a slightly darker shade of JOUES CONTRASTE in the evening for a more sophisticated effect. As a highlighter, it can also be applied to areas that catch the light: on top of cheekbones, between eyebrows, on the chin, in the dip of the d´ecollet. and on the top of shoulders.


Between shadow and light, Rouge Noir captivates the eyes with a mysterious smoldering look, from eyelids to the tips of lashes.

ILLUSION D’OMBRE. Rouge Noir meets ILLUSION D’OMBRE for the first time. The affinity between the incredibly deep colour and the modern, sophisticated eyeshadow is self-evident. The sensorial cream texture with its garnet red intensity slips into iridescent shimmers for an electrifying radiance effect in a particularly luminous version. Daring women will readily try sensual and irresistible lam. smoky eyes.

LE VOLUME DE CHANEL. The shock of volume finds its ultimate expression with Rouge Noir. Deep garnet shimmers enhance intense black. With its inimitable volume effect, the Rouge Noir mascara can be applied on its own for intense rouge noir glimmers or layered over LE VOLUME ULTRANOIR DE CHANEL Noir Khól mascara on the tips of lashes for a more discreet touch of glamour.

LE CRAYON YEUX. An intense tone-on-tone line of LE CRAYON KHóL Rouge Noir infuses eye makeup with an extra touch of depth and perfection. For a touch of light, LE CRAYON YEUX Or Safran revisits the radiance of golden tones in a singular spicy shade in line with the spirit of the collection.


The Rouge Noir adventure all started with LE VERNIS. It is now the star of the Holiday make up collection, which turns the spotlight on nails. For this special collection, LE VERNIS Rouge Noir indulges in a limited edition and a festive outfit. The legendary colour decorates the sides of the onter carton and leaves its mark on the double C on top of the lacquered black cap.

LE VERNIS AND LE TOP COAT LAM. Rouge Noir. For this holiday season, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio combines the iconic LE VERNIS Rouge Noir with a top coat featuring vibrant metallic shimmers. The depth of Rouge Noir is echoed by the gold lam. iridescence of LE TOP COAT LAM. Rouge Noir. Mystery meets opulence. An ultra-precious duo for holiday celebrations, day and night.

LE TOP COAT LAM. Rouge Noir is used as a highlighter. It is as fi ne as gold leaf. Its transparent texture, infused with golden pearlescent pigments, is layered onto the nail in several coats for precious effects, dressed in joyful golden sparkles.

In harmony, LE VERNIS Rose Fusion, a grey-tinged parma violet, adds an off beat touch with its soft, delicate hue and powdery finish.