By CAVI Brands in Dermalogica posted 27 March 2019

Dermalogica recently appointed Teresa Mordoh as the new CEO, taking over from Marion Burgess. Teresa brings a wealth of local and international experience – “I have been fortunate to have enjoyed a 20-year career in the beauty industry with global and local experience in marketing, sales and business development with several multi-national corporations, including Unilever, Revlon, Avon, Nandos, L’Oreal Paris and most recently with a major retail group in Dubai,” says Teresa Mordoh. After a successful international beauty career, Teresa has returned home to Johannesburg to steer the Dermalogica tribe to achieve further success.

Teresa’s drive and passion for supportive, collaborative business together with her diverse skill set and entrepreneurial energy, means she’s a stellar asset to the Dermalogica tribe. “We are thrilled to welcome Teresa to the helm of Dermalogica – as well as all the knowledge and experience she brings with her,” says Cherie ten Hope, former CEO and business partner. “Dermalogica is not only the world’s number one professional skincare brand but the professional skin therapists who prescribe our products and change skins through their professional craft, retain a particularly special place at the heart of our organisation. Hence we knew that we needed an equally special leader to drive and deliver increased growth and harness and support these important connections in these exciting and challenging times.”