By CAVI Brands in Dermalogica posted 13 July 2017

Dermalogica recently appointed Marion Burgess as the new CEO, taking over from Cherie ten Hope, who after 22 years of being fully immersed in the day-to-day running of the Dermalogica business, has moved to a more strategic role in the capacity of Chairperson.

Marion comes to Dermalogica with a very strong career history, many positive accolades and success stories to her name. During her career she won several top sales and marketing awards, developed first centres of excellence in the medical industry and was the first female to be appointed as a General Manager for 3M SA where she worked her way from a product manager to General Manager, and enjoyed a very successful tenure. Marion was also the first female Director appointed at Johnson and Johnson SA where she once again enjoyed a successful and rewarding career. Most recently Marion was the Managing Director of Ascendis Health where she was responsible for heading up consumer brands. This entailed integrating 7 companies and managing a very large portfolio of brands and several acquisitions in a short period of time.

“With all the formalities and qualifications aside, we like who Marion is; her drive, ambition, resilience, energy, positive outlook and competitive spirit. We like what she stands for; the value set that she shares with us has been a core part of the selection process”, said Cherie ten Hope.