By CAVI Brands in The Prestige Cosmetics Group posted 12 August 2015

New launches for Pro-Intense Lift-Effect Day Cream and limited edition Pro-Collagen Cleansing balm.

New Pro-Intense Lift Effect Day Cream
Lift your day

New Pro Intense Lift Effect Day Cream

The secret to a youthful complexion is contouring. Maintaining that definition. Skin that has its elasticity supported will inevitably look younger and firmer. Pro-Intense Lift Effect Day Cream is a rich formula designed exactly for this purpose. To restore vitality with extraordinary results.

There comes a time in life when skin needs extra support. Stress, hormones, genetics, surroundings and diet all throw their irons in the fire. Some you can influence, some you can’t. A skincare routine that hits the spot is one of the few things you have total control over.

Pro-Intense Lift Effect Day Cream leads the charge in tackling skin that is losing its tone. Powerful hi-tech plant stem cells stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The skin appears more supple; wrinkles take a back seat. Arjuna Bark extract, an ingredient often found in Ayurvedic medicine, reduces the appearance of slackening skin around the chin and neck. Skin tone is given a new lease of life. All the while, Starflower oil deeply moisturises, balancing the skin’s metabolism.

Key Actives

  • Sweet Iris Stem Cells
  • Chinese Hibiscus Stem Cells
  • Arjuna Bark Extract
  • Lupin
  • Starflower

Special Edition: Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm
Cleanse the skin, indulge the senses

Special Edition Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm

Nature is full of marvels. Plants with extraordinary properties that protect and transform. Evocative fragrances and luscious textures.

It is all these elements that we have called upon to formulate the aromatic Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. A product so successful, so effective, so delightful to use, it immediately became the brand’s fastest seller. That is why it has been released in super size form. Because everyone should have more of what they love.

The story of how the balm is made begins in the fields of England’s east coast. Optimega™, Elderberry and Starflower oils are harvested for their ability to cleanse and nourish the skin. Mimosa and Rose flower waxes are added for their capacity to reinforce elasticity and tone. Bees support production of these oil-producing plants by pollinating the area and are in turn rewarded by local farmers who keep growing the plants they love. Natural life flourishes.

The ingredients are carefully picked and pressed within nine miles of the fields. Freshness is optimum. The environment is respected. The eco-system is supported.

Further afield, the Mediterranean sea adds its astonishing powers to the formula in the form of Padina Pavonica – an algae that contains extraordinary anti-ageing properties. Blended in this cleansing balm, this combination of highest-grade ingredients marks a new era in skin health.

With a 100% active base of natural oils and a 100% naturally active fragrance made up of eleven essential oils, this balm starts working before it has even come into contact with the skin. The now signature fragrance of Lavender, Eucalyptus and Geranium, immediately starts to soothe and relax the moment it is inhaled.

The opulent velvety texture, oil-rich with nourishing waxes, glides silkily onto the skin. Grime and make-up are dissolved and the balm melts away with warm water.

Nothing gets launched until it is just right, no matter how long that takes. The Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm was two years in the making. Such is the ELEMIS way.

What remains is a radiantly healthy co,plexion. Next level clean.

Key Actives

  • Padina Pavonica
  • Elderberry Oil
  • Starfolwer Oil
  • Optimega Oil
  • Mimosa & Rose Flower Waxes