By CAVI Brands in The Prestige Cosmetics Group posted 29 April 2021

Celebrates 10 years of pure femininity

The couturier who brings the exceptional into everyday life invented a world of timeless femininity for his first fragrance.
In 2011 ELIE SAAB created Le Parfum, a perfume inspired by one of Elie Saab’s childhood memories – the scent of flowers in his family’s Mediterranean garden – that transcribes the duality of its universe: light of the orient and modernity of the west.
To interpret the richness of the designer’s work alive with fragrant notes and harmonies, Elie Saab has chosen Master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.
As Francis Kurkdjian comments, ‘What I found fascinating working for Elie Saab was the idea of interpreting light; I didn’t have any specific images in mind – just sensations: the whiteness of the sun at its zenith, radiant femininity, a modern interpretation of voluptuousness…’
The range continued to blossom in the following years introducing new perfumes’ shades to embody the Maison vision of femininity: Le Parfum in White, Le Parfum Royal, Le Parfum Essentiel.
In its very first year ELIE SAAB Le Parfum scooped the coveted Fragrance Foundation Award for Best New Fragrance in the UK, the US and France – a phenomenal hat trick.
Ten years after the launch of the successful perfume, Elie Saab would like to pay a tribute to the main inspiration behind ELIE SAAB Le Parfum: his hometown Beirut, the Mediterranean city kissed by warmth and light, animated by a sparkling nature full of scents. As Elie Saab said, “My childhood home was surrounded by orange blossom and when the wind blew, even slightly, it carried with it the essence of its notes”. These olfactory emotions are at the heart of ELIE SAAB Le Parfum notes, a sophisticated, luminous floral chypre blending Orange Blossom and Jasmine with honeyed Rose and Patchouli.