By CAVI Brands in INCOBRANDS posted 05 July 2018

Since the establishment of Incobrands in 2006 the business has grown from strength to strength through the acquisition of strong license brands as well as a smaller but sustainable own brands portfolio, among them, household names like Lip-Ice, Everysun and Milton.

Despite this positive trajectory the ambition has always been greater than this and on order to accelerate this ambition we proud to announce our partnership with Amka.

AMKA is a South African family owned business that started as a small trading operation in Pretoria in the 1950’s.  The FMCG business was established in 1965 to manufacture a wide range of consumer goods, including cosmetics, personal care and household cleaning ranges for the local market, as well as at a later date for export to the rest of Africa, Europe, North America and Australia.  From the outset, AMKA has been focussed on the unique needs and opportunities inherent to Africa’s emerging markets. Today AMKA is a major personal care manufacturing and marketing enterprise, with specialised expertise in Africa.

This new platform will provide the scale Incobrands requires to achieve its ambitions and to step change the growth trajectory of the brands.

We look forward to this new chapter in our history as together with our partners we look forward to an exciting and successful future together.