By CAVI Brands in The Prestige Cosmetics Group posted 28 April 2021

Sicilian Leather has a dazzling character, thanks to the presence of citrus and spices.
It blossoms and warms on contact with resins and woods, to give life to a leather accord that is both powerful and sparkling, vibrant and warm, like a Mediterranean volcano.
Sicily. An island, whose name recalls the song of a cicada.
The sun stands proud, the earth welcomes it, the fruits are gorged with it.
Italian bergamot oil. Bitter orange oil. On the Mediterranean’s greatest lady guards Mount Etna. The spirit of the volcano, its sovereign presence. Basalm fir and white leather.
An island of character, made for a zesty, energetic, eruptive leather accord. Warm and invigorating simultaneously.
From the alleys of the vibrant Palermo, between cardamom and coriander seed oil, on the flowery heights of Taormina, a violet-leaf accord, into the Valley of the Temples, the beautiful Sicilian soul unfolds.
In its lands, in its mountains, a path of resins and woods winds its way. Cedar atlas oil, gaiac wood oil.
For her, a perfume that is as telluric as it is aerial, which allows the encounter of water and fire, cedrat and leather.