By CAVI Brands in The Prestige Cosmetics Group posted 10 August 2015

Skincare by Météorites

An architect of light, Guerlain now presents a new Météorites innovation: essential skincare, the perfect alchemy between magic and technology. Because light originates well below the skin’s surface at the very heart of the cells, Météorites Oxygen Care infuses the epidermis with a natural glow. As light as a dream, this moisturising fluid revives the radiance of the complexion… With instant and lasting results, day after day. And, as always, with its inimitable violet fragrance…

A new breath of life for skincare

Pollution, smoking, stress… Every day, the skin is subject to a host of external aggressors that dehydrate it and asphyxiate its cells. Its luminosity disappears and the complexion becomes cloudy.

Guerlain Research reveals that different levels of the skin are involved in creating skin that glows with a natural radiance: on the surface, with the interaction of light with the skin’s texture, but also at the heart of the cells with the interaction of this same light with chromophores, which capture natural light.

Météorites oxygen care revives radiance on the surface and at the heart of the skin thanks to the o2 light complex and météorites technology.

Magic formula

A generous, fresh and delicate, immaculate white fluid… Which proves to be full of surprises. Light-as-air and silky smooth, it illuminates on contact with the skin!

Inspired by Météorites pearls, its changing texture transforms under the fingertips, turning from the purest white to a subtly pearlescent pink. In the time it takes to massage in, it quenches the skin’s thirst, delivering a beneficial wave of freshness.

It disappears in an instant, leaving nothing behind but this pure radiance and legendary violet fragrance.

And light bursts forth!

Hydrated, plump and relaxed, skin is incredibly soft. Velvety smooth and comfortable, it radiates beauty. The complexion immediately lights up with a delectable healthy glow…

That lasts! Day after day, skin texture is refined and pores tightened. Infused with light, skin is revived and reenergised.


Developing products that harness the potency of bee extracts has become a core focus for Guerlain Research, which has thus far scientifically demonstrated their incredible repairing power* to combat the visible signs of ageing: primarily wrinkles and loss of firmness.

Since its creation in 2010, the Abeille Royale line has been inspired by this same healing process to help repair the skin* and thus maintain its youthfulness. Composed of exceptional active ingredients – Guerlain Royal Jelly made in France and Ouessant Black Bee Pure Honey, each year it gives birth to new skincare products with astonishing textures that are inventive and effective in equal measure.

After the highly sensory Face Treatment Oil, an irresistible plumping elixir with pure Ouessant Honey, and Daily Repair Serum, the line’s exceptional latestgeneration serum, Guerlain is taking a new step forward in high-tech performance. Born of the exceptional repairing power of bee products*, totally unprecedented eye care combines three unique and complementary innovations to give spectacular results: Gold Eyetech, Eye Sculpt Serum.


A three-step technique developed by the Guerlain Institut: Smooth | Tone | Release energy

Inspired by the new BeautyLift method developed by the Guerlain Institut, a massage that combines stretching and muscle dynamics to target wrinkles and activate the microcirculation, this three-step technique, specially adapted for Gold Eyetech, is reinventing eye contour care for an incredibly brighter, wide-eyed and visibly resculpted look.

Instant, reinforced action thanks to the massage technique and the applicator:

  • Luminosity of the eye contour area     +80%
  • Smooth appearance of the eyelid     +30%

Exceptional active ingredients

Ouessant honey

The quest for the most powerful bee products led Guerlain Research to Ouessant, one of the purest ecosystems in the world. On this island off the French coast listed as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, lives the Black Bee, an original species endemic to the island. It produces a honey of unequalled purity that boasts exceptional properties, a real “Grand Cru” honey.

Guerlain exclusive royal jelly: 100% harvested in France, 100% controlled, 100% natural origin.

In order to ensure royal jelly of optimal quality and guarantee total traceability, Guerlain has chosen to host the 200 hives exclusively dedicated to producing ABEILLE ROYALE skincare in La Ferté Saint-Aubin in Sologne, a region famous for its wild fauna.