By CAVI Brands in The Prestige Cosmetics Group posted 17 November 2017

The Art of Silk Illumination

Just as the view of a landscape changes throughout the day, the complexion reveals different impressions depending on how light falls upon the face. In photography, playing with different angles, tones and intensity of light, brings texture, colour and depth to the subject. Light has the power to give life to an object and illuminate a story within the picture.Similarly with skin, light can design the complexion, highlighting features to illuminate one’s true beauty. Often compared to the natural luminosity of skin is the exquisite lustre of Koishimaru Silk, ranging from a dewy radiance to a natural glow. Now the experts in advanced powder technology at SENSAI research have recreated the diverse impressions of Koishimaru Silk. New SENSAI Make-up lets you play with luminosity to design the ideal complexion for your beauty to shine through. With luminosity in your hands, create a complexion that reveals your unique beauty.