By CAVI Brands in Dermalogica posted 24 April 2017

This Next-Gen Powder Exfoliant launched in March 2017 and promises to leave the skin feeling ultra-smooth, while combatting the environmental triggers known to cause brown spots, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. Drawing on the same innovative powder form that has made dermalogica’s daily microfoliant a best-seller, daily superfoliant is gentle enough for daily use but powerful enough to give immediate results.

Studies have shown a link between exposure to air pollution and signs of skin ageing, ranging from hyperpigmentation and fine dehydration lines to a weakened skin structure and increased sensitivity.

Dr. Diana Howard, Vice President of Research & Development at dermalogica explains, “As fine airborne particles land on the skin, they become lodged within the skin’s deeper structure, generating free radicals that trigger inflammation. The free radicals break down the skin’s natural lipid barrier, increasing trans-epidermal water loss, and create sensitised skin. In turn, we see signs of ageing such as pigmentation and structural degradation. When ageing is caused by inflammation, we call this ‘inflammaging’.”

Daily Superfoliant comprises of ingredients that adsorb pollutants, inhibit adhesion of pollution particles to help preserve the skin’s youthful structure, and offer exceptional resurfacing for softer, smoother skin.

Daily Superfoliant is offered in a 57g bottle with a suggested retail price of R1 180.00, and is available at all authorised dermalogica® spas, salons and skin centres nationwide and